openCypher Implementers Group (oCIG)

Following the second openCypher Implementers Meeting (oCIM 2) in London in mid-May, we're moving to a model where language changes proposed via Cypher Improvement Requests (CIRs) and Improvement Proposals (CIPs) are going to be discussed and agreed or rejected in regular virtual meetings of the openCypher community. The plan is to get going with a schedule of meetings every two to three weeks over the summer of 2017, heading towards the next face-to-face meeting at the time of Neo4j's GraphConnect New York conference in late October.

These meetings of the openCypher Implementers Group (oCIG) are open to any interested parties who share the goals of improving the feature set, expressiveness and aesthetics of the Cypher language, and of helping Cypher to develop into a true open standard for declarative querying of property graphs.

We warmly welcome vendors, researchers and users to these meetings. All contributions, verbal and written, administrative and technical are very much appreciated: the aim is make more and more of a reality of the open community that is beginning to form around the ten-plus implementations of Cypher.


Historical meetings

Next oCIG meeting: Thursday, 6 July 2017


  • Path patterns and regular path queries (RPQs)

Visit the meeting page to view all details of this meeting. See the full meetings schedule below.

Local times

The call is scheduled for an hour and a half, and will start at 15.00 UTC, which translates to:

Meeting logistics

The meetings will be held every two to three weeks, commencing on Thursday the 22nd of June 2017.

The call will open 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the meeting in order to allow some contingency in sorting out the technicalities of joining.

The meeting will be hosted by Neo Technology using GoToMeeting. To participate in the meetings, either join using the desktop client, or through a web browser, or through a smartphone app, or dial in using a phone. The meeting id is 936502805, or you can follow this direct link.

Dialing in via phone is possible through these country numbers:

Access Code: 936-502-805

Full meetings schedule